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Area Of A Trapezoid


A trapezoid is a four-sided polygon with only one pair of parallel sides. A parallelogram is a type of trapezoid that has two pairs of parallel sides.


Area - A quantity that expresses the extent of a two-dimensional shape.
Parallelogram - A four-sided polygon with opposite sides parallel.
Polygon - A plane figure with at least three sides.
Trapezoid - A quadrilateral with only one pair of parallel sides.


Area of a Trapezoid Formula

where a is the top base, b is the bottom base, and h is the height of the trapezoid. Note that is the average length of the top and the bottom and that if a=b, the area becomes a*h, which is the area of a parallelogram.
If a trapezoid has a base of length 4, top of length 6, and height of 2, for example, the area is


Area of a Trapezoid

Find the area of the Trapezoid

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